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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh man~~
how can this happen??!!
gathering on friday N i'm sick now??
WTH~~ =(
just hope 4 recovering faster...
tee hee><

*stupid digusting medicine!!*

*having dim sum...tee hee><*

*watched on sat.*

Monday, August 24, 2009

holiday =(

holiday's here...
nid to spend da whole week wit boringness again...
Exams after da holiday...
brain gonna burst....

p/s: is gonna change my blog site to www.spammersfuckoff.blogspot.com

Saturday, August 15, 2009



went to da MTV World Stage wit couz,Stacey~
it's a last minute plan...
so yeah!!
happy to manage it~~haha
went to Sunway straight after school...haha
DA concert started at 6p.m...
raining again...haih...==
luckily, MTV provided raincoat 4 us
N it just rain 4 a while ny....lol
after dat things started 'heat up'
Fly F.M N D.Js from Korea N China were there ...
same 4 A.A.R,Boys like Girls,Kasavian,
Pixie Lott, Hoobastank N sum other bands were there too....
so excited~~
standed for 5 hours just 2 see ALL AMERICAN REJECTS~
1 word describe it all --- FUN!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

school's OUT!


school finally out....

can rest 4 a week~~

but still got a lot a lot of homeworks nid 2 B done....


N i'm so gonna miss my friends...=(

at home has nobody 2 talk wit...

except all those homeworks lar...==

N test again after da holidays....

so tired~


took these at 7 pm...it's late yet still so bright

Sunday, August 2, 2009


went 2 school like always...
went to SJK(c) Sungai Way after school wit drummers....
got a show there 2day....
many others were absent....=(
all oso sick dy~~
about an hour journey 2 reach there...(butt swollen)
da school was obviously small...haih
but da hall was still ok...
but still not very big ny~~==
N we have 2 carry drums through stairs....(OMG)
Lucky it's not much~~lol
then practise till 5 sumthing....food time!!
get ready 4 da show at 7 sumthing....
return 2 school by bus...
make a lot of noise da whole way...tee hee><
reach school about 9...
kindda late N tired as well....
thanks, teacher 4 spending ur time bringing us there...
p/s:will upload da pic took during da show when i got it^^