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Sunday, October 31, 2010

After UEC

The feeling after UEC's over is kindda weird,I said.
well,maybe It's because I am not used to live without a target or
playing in school for almost everyday.
Playing too much can be boring please.
I am looking for something new and fun to do currently.
any suggestion??
I am getting tired of this dull of lifestyle already.=(
woke up early like hell,went to school,chatted  all day,went home,had dinner,bathed,facebook then went to bed
I did this like everyday and It's dull in case you didn't know
I know that school's is a must,
but why can't I feel the urge like the first week in primary school anymore?
can't something excited just break into my life already??
is currently addicted to katy perry - Firework.
It's F-ing nice man =D


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


SeobieFashionShop mini advertisement =)


 This is an advertisement I am helping my friend with.
(I think =D)
There are more cool and cute stuff @ the website
If you are interested , call 0166859968 to order.
Thanks for watching.
Have a great day.




Sunday, October 24, 2010


That day is a SATURDAY
A.K.A a day after exam XD
I just wanna know who wanna go gai gai?
Destination and time still haven't decide.
If wanna go...
sms me ASAP lar. =)
or want comment here also can de. ><
Don't FFK can jor la.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I decided to forgive you
after many opinion from them
don't think too much
I did it because I want this SHIT out of my life ASAP.
and I don't give a damn whether you accept or not.
I just want to make sure that I could concentrate on the coming pointless UEC
Wish me luck =)

am here repeating once more

I gotta catch a movie on  8:30 later ><

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I wanna shout out loud.
Shout  to the whole world.
Shout out all my heart,lung,kidney,pancreas,etc...
Shout at you without letting others know.
Shout at a place where no one will hear.
Shout out everything in my mind.
Shout out all the stress.
Shout till my throat burst into million pieces.
Shout! Shout! SHOUT!

I wanna fight 
Fight with you so that you will regret
Fight till you give up
Fight if you say a thing about me again
Fight no matter who's there
Fight without losing
Fight with every single strength I had
Fight and show others that I'm much better than you,BITCH!
Fight! Fight! FIGHT!

I wanna find a place where no one will know I won the fight
I wanna find a place where you will not get any evidence that I beat you
I wanna find a place where there is no RULES
I wanna find a place where there is no punishment for doing wrong
Good news is I found that place
and if you get on my nerves again.YOU ARE DEAD!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

who says?

Who says that parents are always right? 
Who says that I must to do everything you ordered? 
Who says that sons/daughters have no rights to correct their parents?
Who says that you can buy everything you want and I don't?
Who says that you can do whatever without informing others but I can't?
Who says that all I know is play,eat,and sleep?
Who says that I must sleep by the time you want me to sleep?
Who says that having fun is a waste of time?
Who says that I can't argue with others when you did it too?
Who says that I can't fight in school?
Who says that I can't hangout with my friends during holiday?
Who says that I must take over dad's business when he retired?
Who says that I have to study account in the future?
Who says that most of my friends are bad?
Who says that going Cyber Cafe is a bad thing to do?
Who says that I cannot fail my exams?
Who says that my result must be better than the other cousin?
Who says that I have to silent my phone when I'm in your car?
Who says that I have to study all day when exam's near?
Who says that you can make any decisions for me without letting me know ahead?
Who says that I can't withdraw my bank saving whenever I want?
Who says that you must know who was I talking to on the phone?
Who says that talking in class means not paying attention?
Who says that the more you study the bigger chance you will succeed in the future?
Who says that I can't break my promises when you've already did it a million times?
Who says that I can't wear something you don't like?
Who says that I must tell you everything?
Who says that I must look at you when you are talking to me?
Who says that I can't drop classes? I did it for making you angry in case you didn't know
Who says all those bullshit above? 

 YOU! you motherfuckingbitchyannoyingrubbishshit MOTHER of mine!
I don't hate you,It's just that I don't like the way you control people around you.
I  am not like bro,he listens to you,but I don't and I won't.
I ain't dog you see,I don't obey others except myself.
If you realized,I have done everything you don't me to.
I did all of that for one reason ------ TO MAKE YOU ANGRY
you see,when you get mad...
there is a successful+victory feeling inside me and I enjoy it a lot.
I am not insane or whatever.I am just a normal boy who doesn't like to be controled.
and I recommend you control others.
and If you like to show off your in front of others so much.
One day, you will regret it.
Just like yesterday's incident.
Did you ask me about my plan that day? No you didn't.
Because you don't care about it at all as long as it has nothing to with you.
But when plan changed suddenly, you were mad.
Even someone blind can see that.
By the way,showing your face's colour won't work in this family.
Especially when you are doing that to me.
It only makes me happier.

The reason I post this was because I got nobody to talk to in the stupid dream house of yours.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Just finished marking the PMR paper
I got those answer from FB
which I think is 99% correct =S
after marking everything
I started to doubt about the 10 As
My DSLR depend on the As
UEC on another 10 days...
UEC is so much harder.I'm not confident at all =(

Sunday, October 10, 2010


To me,
Friendship is like a vase
Once it BREAK
no matter how perfectly you stick it back
there will always be CRACKS on it
straight to the point
what I'm trying to say is
I don't give a damn whether we are still friends or not
you  are just a cheap vase with 0 value anyway
so I am HAPPY that a disgusting person like you finally
Please do me a favor
Never come back

Your cooperation is truly appreciated



Friday, October 8, 2010


hey guys....any new stuff lately??
facebook is getting boring already
SUGGEST before leaving this page ya


It's gonna rain pretty soon...
thunders are heard everywhere
and I don't hope that you will get better soon,S.


I forgot about the damn LK tuition today ==
woke up at abt 1...
and just now,my friend TL called...
and I was *Oh...ya hor*
hehes...nvm la I said
take it as a celebration for the 'nightmare-exams' has finally passed