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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, KYLIE!!

Birthday girl's cake

poor barbie +_+

barbie protecting herself ==''

Carmen N crunchy

Carmen N crunchy again=.=

Aunt Janet >,<

My mum =)

Celebrated Kylie B.D
at 'Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant' 2day...
wake up at around 10a.m++
*so early=.=*
we r da 1st one arriving there....=.=
later ny aunt janet arrive...
so boring waiting 4 da B.D girl in da room==
so mum N aunt decided to do sum karaoke to entertain us =)
p/s: they can't sing at all ;p
after da meal...
went to garden to shop wit carmen N of course our parents lar==''
shop till leg patah lar...
brought sum clothes...hehes
dinner wit dad at a restaurant sumwhere at brickfield...
da food was YUMMY!!><

p/s:so tired of da co-curiculum lar...but i really dunno wat other choice i have....

nid to wake up so early tmr summore 4 avoiding da jams

Thursday, December 17, 2009


i'm not ur dog...
so,stop ordering me do things
while u r sitting there relaxing....
i really can't stand wit ur fucking attitude!!!
i wish dat i have a mute button
dat could mute all ur fucking annoying orders!!!
so just shut up N fuck off!!!!
shut up!!u BITCH!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Friday, December 11, 2009


went to ''rainforest'' wit mum N her frenz at PAV. yesterday...
it's sumthing like a bar><
i went there wit bro N carmen...
sumthing unpleasant happens right after we order our meal...=(
*i'm not posting it here*
bro complains dat his steak isn't delicious...==
hahas...*poor bro*
lucky 4 me,my pasta is simply delicious...

continue reading N u will realize sumthing funny=]

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roller skating =0

went to sungai weng 2day 4 roller skating....
i arrive da earliest...><
all say 10 am sharp...
but 1/2 hour l8tr ny arrive....==
it's my 1st time roller skating...
N yes!!
i fall...==
hurt my leg N right hand....
*still pain right now*==''
it's so difficult 2 type...
(but i managed...xp)
first few hours i fall like 8 times...
my butt hurts like hell....==
luckily it's temporarily=)
we skate like 4 - 5 hours...
skate till everyone's leg hurt ny go makan...;p
went to a new restaurant -- sushi station...
it's kindda new...
N da food is OK...
(i still prefer ZENRI more...tee hees)

p/s:nxt time pls find sumthing dat everyone knows how 2 play...
i dun wanna hurt again...hehe

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


watched ninja assasin yesterday...
it's nice but incredibly VIOLENT~~
especially when dose body parts were torn apart...==


went to 1U again...
continuously shoppings really r BORING N TIRING==

~end XP~