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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I believe that that day was the happiest day of lotsa CHKL student. =]
because EXAM's OVER!!! weehee~
The last bell rang and everyone was cheering like their favorite football team just scored-.-
All of us were busy discussing,not about the papers.but about where to go later =D
and the public transport outside was all FULL HOUSE...
everyone was like sardine packed in a can in it...
so four of us (jw,yl,wy n me) took taxi there...hehehes
clever huh? XD
Pav. was filled with CHKL students too...
most of it was form 3s...
which I found them disgraceful cause they were wearing their uniforms...
and that's a bit awkward when there are a bunch of uniforms walking here and there.=S
but we were planning to go RED BOX,
but everyone was late =(...
so we just went for our lunch 
while waiting for our movie ;)
We were waiting 'I AM NUMBER 4'
It's extremely cool =)
hot girls and hot guys in it makes everyone enjoy it more *winks*
even though I have watched it twice...teehees.
wy,bh,hy,sm.jn.yw,yl,cy,jw n me =)

we went to buy some stuffs after the movie
and then to OTWC for our tea =]
and we did something quite daiB but fun there...hehes XD

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ><    


uncle choo                          


The 'cup'       
boon hao

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