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Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's over


Exam's over and holiday's here again.
i'm glad that I could slow down a little in my busy life =)
but 'busy' just can't leave me alone,can they?
I'm going Penang today and coming back on monday.
tuesday? I'm FREE >
but wednesday and thursday i gotta attend my drums
Friday? I gt a invitation to attend some more.LOLs
and after that i'm FREE again...hahas
all i want is just sleep till afternoon
wake up and watch some TV
online for a while 
and relax or do what I wanna do...
I really need a rest.
I checked my eyes yesterday
and it's a little reddish
must be the late sleeping this whole week D=
but it's  now better now

i'm taking off soon.
bye. =)
Have a sweet holiday, my dear friends

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